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KIT Waterproof 1, 2 and 3 - Complete Treatment

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KIT  Waterproof 1, 2, 3 Treatment


Product Description: Preparatory shampoo, step 1 of the hair realignment process, opens the cuticles for better diffusion of active principles in the hair. Benefits: Shampoo Deep Clean promotes a deep cleansing, removing impurities and residues left by the last straightening or other type of treatment. It has an exclusive active in biotechnology that preserves the properties of cupuaçu, exactly like those found in nature, bringing protection, nutrition, remineralization and maintaining healthy levels of hydration to the hair. How to use: Wash your hair twice with Deep Clean Shampoo. Leave on hair for 5 minutes during second wash if desired. Rinse well.


Product Description: Shampoo for hair realignment and anti-frizz effect. Benefits: The realignment process occurs through the activation of active substances in the hydrogen and saline bonds of the capillary cortex associated with the use of a heat source (board), which promotes the change in the shape of capillary proteins in a natural way, compatible with all products chemical and capable of maintaining the health of the hair. In addition, it has an exclusive active in biotechnology, which preserves the properties of cupuaçu exactly as those found in nature, providing protection, nutrition, remineralization and capillary hydration. How to use: Wash your hair twice with Shampoo Deep Clean and let it rest for 5 minutes in the second wash. Rinse well. With the help of a towel, remove excess moisture from the hair. Apply the Straightening Shampoo to the entire length of the hair and massage until you get a dense and abundant lather without rubbing the scalp. NOTE: Do not add water. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse well. Apply SmoothTouch to the length and ends of the hair. Leave for 10 min and rinse well. Dry your hair 100% with a blow dryer. Separate hair into fine strands and iron from root to tip 10 to 12 times at 180°C to 230°C (or 375°F to 450°F) according to hair health. It's over.


Product Description: Ultra-conditioning mask with high moisturizing power and anti-frizz effect. Benefits: This system forms a protection that involves all the threads, contributing to fiber alignment and frizz reduction, with 100% natural and biodegradable active. Cupuaçu butter, its main component, has sun protection, emollient, intense shine and hair moisturizing properties. It also contains a complex of amino acids and vegetable proteins that promote the recovery of hair fibers. How to Use: After applying Smoothing Shampoo, apply Smooth Touch to damp hair, lock by lock, massaging them. Leave to act for 10 minutes. Rinse well and continue the process. Also suitable for dry, opaque, devitalized, brittle, chemically treated hair that constantly uses a hair dryer and flat iron.